[osgeo4w-dev] environb import error in python 3.6.0 under osgeo4w

Olivier P. Francois olivierpfrancois at ge-data.com
Wed Jun 20 05:52:15 PDT 2018


I have python 3.6.0-2 installed on my computer through the osgeo4w64
installer in windows 10.

I have a bug when importing grass.script through python 3.6, as attached.
The problem is with environb in the os module.
The error happens in grass.script.core.py, line 44, with the command from
os import environb as environ.

I tried a direct test of the import (from os import environb), without
calling grass, and get the same error. So this is independent from grass.

I also tried under a linux centos installation with python 3.6.5, and the
import does not raise any error.

I think it may be a bug with the os package in python 3.6.0, but maybe not.

Please let me know if this is a known error and if it can be fixed, or
maybe if osgeo4w installer could pass to python 3.6.5 (if it solves the


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