[OSGeoJapan-discuss] Congratulations everyone!

Jeff McKenna jmckenna @ gatewaygeomatics.com
2010年 10月 18日 (月) 18:21:24 EDT

I want to personally congratulate everyone in the OSGeo-JP local 
chapter, for the 2010 IPA OSS award! 

It is no surprise to me, as I have been a part of the exciting FOSS4G 
events in Tokyo and Osaka, and I have seen the many contributions to the 
OSGeo projects through the years by this chapter (MapServer, GRASS, 
QGIS, for example).

You're really one of the most active chapters in the world!  Be very 
proud of your hard work!  Thank you so much.

And I will be seeing you at FOSS4G Tokyo and Osaka very soon :)


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