[OSGeoJapan-discuss] Seattle first meeting

Hiroo Imaki hiroo @ angeli.org
2011年 3月 17日 (木) 03:13:06 EDT


We had a first Seattle GIS-Tech volunteer meeting today and went well.
All people were willing to collaborate to support people in Japan. We
learned how to edit OSM from Dane Springmeyer and other local open
source GIS group, CUGOS. We also will start several English-Japanese
translation project to support people there. First project will be
Ushahidi manual translation. They just released English manual two
days ago and I got the document. We also would like to translate
Ushahidi interface into Japanese.

I don't know if there is a Ushahidi community in Japan, so if you know
it, please forward this message to them.

I will let you know what our plan is soon and we can talk about what
we need to do with you.


Hiroo Imaki
hiroo @ angeli.org

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