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BABA, Yoshihiko baba @ ud.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
2011年 10月 11日 (火) 06:48:04 EDT


QGIS の開発者の Tim Sutton 氏から依頼が来ました。おそらく、Gary さんが QGIS のナンバーワンだとすれば、ナンバーツーの人です。ご本人からの文章を添付しています。

QGIS は、ただのソフトではない、「世界をよくするための何かだ」だ、というプレゼンをされるそうです。

・昨年の QGIS + R のハンズオンセッションの風景写真と資料を Tim さんにお渡しできないでしょうか?(私は参加していないので)
・震災や津波関連で、QGIS を使った事例のものが提供できないでしょうか?

プレゼンは11月ですが、今月中に資料を作りたいそうです。Tim さんに直接でも、私宛に連絡でもいいので、情報お持ちの方はご協力お願いいたします。

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Tim Sutton <tim @ linfiniti.com>
> Subject: GIS for Humanity
> Date: September 30, 2011 23:33:57 GMT+09:00
> To: Tim Sutton <tim @ linfiniti.com>
> Dear QGIS Friends
> I am busy preparing a talk on 'QGIS for Humanity'. Some of you have
> already responded to my prior email. Others I am contacting because I
> know you have been doing humanitarian or socially interesting work. I
> apologis for this email being slightly impersonal, but for
> expediency's sake I am writing to everyone at once. I am preparing a
> talk on the social aspects of QGIS including its application in 'work
> for the good of humanity'. I use humanity in broad terms to encompass
> work related to disaster relief, social upliftment, protection of our
> planet, and so on. I would really love to receive from you:
> - two or three good quailty photographs / images  (with permission to
> redistribute) including:
>  - maps produced by QGIS
>  - in situ situational images showing where QGIS is being applied
>  - people! People who use QGIS or who have benefitted from its use
>  - if you have more than 3 images that will be fine too
> - If you have multimedia materials a link to them online would be great
> - A paragraph or two telling your story
> - Any relevant links and contact information
> The goal is really to show that QGIS  is not just software - it's
> something that humans use to make the world a better place. Of course
> I will make whatever I produce online and freely downloadable. If this
> message seems to have absolutely no relevance to you or your work, I
> apologies and ask you to ignore it!
> Best regards
> Tim
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