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Quantum GIS is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information
System that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows.

We are very pleased to announce the release of QGIS 2.0.1 ‘Dufour’.
This release contains new features and extends the programmatic
interface over QGIS the 1.x release series. Binary and source code
packages are available via the large download link on our home page:

If there is not yet a package for your platform on the above page,
please check back regularly as packagers are still pushing out their
work and they will update the download page to reflect the new
packages. Along with the release of QGIS 2.0.1, the QGIS Community
Team is hard at work on an updated QGIS Users’ Guide version 2.0.1.
The guide will be available in the near future - we will post
announcements when it is available.

We are also pleased to announce our new web site is now available at
http://qgis.org - and we thank Boundless (http://boundlessgeo.com/)
for sponsoring web developer time to make the new web site look
beautiful, and our web team for the awesome job they have done.

A word of thanks to our contributors, donors and sponsors

QGIS is a largely volunteer driven project, and is the work of a
dedicated team of developers, documenters and supporters. We extend
our thanks and gratitude for the many, many hours people have
contributed to make this release happen. Many companies and
organisations contribute back improvements to QGIS when they use it as
their platform, and we are grateful for this and encourage others to
do the same! We would also like to thank our sponsors and donors for
helping to promote our work through their financial contributions. Our
current sponsors are (QGIS Sponsorship is valid for one year):

Gold Sponsor:
Asia Air Survey http://www.asiaairsurvey.com/

Silver Sponsor:
State of Vorarlberg (http://www.vorarlberg.at)

Bronze Sponsors:
FOSSGIS.DE (http://www.fossgis.de/) and
Kanton Solothurn  (http://www.agi.so.ch/)

A special thanks also to the QGIS User Group Switzerland for
co-funding bug fixing activities in the lead up to the release!

A current list of donors who have made contributions large and small
to the project can be seen here:


If you would like to make a donation or sponsor our project, please
visit http://qgis.org/html/en/site/about/sponsorship.html#sponsorship
. QGIS is Free software and you are under no obligation to do so.
Sponsoring QGIS helps us to fund our six monthly developer meetings,
maintain project infrastructure and fund bug fixing efforts

Visual tour of the new release:

You can find a list of highlighted changes and new features listed on
the detailed release announcement available here:


Give us your feedback:

We welcome your feedback - please visit our issue tracker if you
encounter an issue with the new release:


Please consult the existing issues there before lodging any new ones.

Happy QGIS’ing!


The QGIS Team!

Tim Sutton - QGIS Project Steering Committee Member
Please do not email me off-list with technical
support questions. Using the lists will gain
more exposure for your issues and the knowledge
surrounding your issue will be shared with all.

Irc: timlinux on #qgis at freenode.net

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