[OSGeoJapan-discuss] Free course about Geographic Information Systems applied to Municipality Management

Mario Carrera mcarrera @ gvsig.com
2017年 12月 5日 (火) 03:11:07 PST

Hi all,

we have launched a free course about Geographic Information Systems 
applied to Municipality Management through several video-tutorials.

At this post you can see the list of topics and the first module, that 
is available already in [1]

At the next weeks we will publish the other modules, that we will 
include at this playlist: [2]

The first two modules are theoretical, about differences between GIS and 
CAD, and reference systems, very important to understand the rest of the 
course. From the third one, the modules will be practical, and the 
cartography will be available for each video.

In addition, when the course is finishing it will be possible to get the 
official certificate given by the gvSIG Association, where it will be 
obligatory to send a complete exercise.

All the information about registration, dates, certification, where to 
send doubts... is available at the frequent questions section of the 
first post [1].

We hope that it's useful for you.

Best regards,




*Mario Carrera*

Training, Language and Communication Manager. gvSIG Association

Responsable de Formación, Internacionalización y Difusión. Asociación gvSIG

http://www.gvsig.com <http://www.gvsig.com/>

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