[Live-demo] Live DVD - give us a name

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 21 21:08:21 PDT 2008

Cameron wrote:
> We've had a pow-wow here at LISAsoft and acknowledge concerns regarding 
> the name"arramagong" for the LiveDVD project, and want to hear ideas for 
> a new name.

fwiw, if it is to be a random name without "open" "geo" "foss" "gis" etc in
it, then "arramagong" is as good as any other 5 letter thing to me.
(but I am fairly used to Australian twang so don't mind it much...)

> Some guidelines from various parties that I've heard so
> far are:
> 1. Name needs to be easy to remember, pronounce and write.
> One or two syllables seems to be the preference.

Personally I don't mind that, but perhaps "to remember and transcribe
correctly by a human who hears the name mentioned somewhere" is sensible.
(but boring)  or on the otherhand a longer unique name is hard to mis-
identify once you've seen it.

> Some suggestions prefer not to pick a word based on "Geo.." or "Open..." 
> as these words and derivatives are already over utilised in our area.

but over utilised for a good reason...

> 2. The name needs to be available as a domain, preferably as all .org 
> .com .net

Not interested in http://name_here.osgeo.org ?
Again, how "stand alone"/integrated do you wish things to be?
  (I don't mean to be judgmental, just curious)

* QGIS's main site remains www.qgis.org but they have a (very!) nice qgis.osgeo.org page set up. No idea about future intents.

* www.gdal.org mirrors gdal.osgeo.org

* grass has moved to grass.osgeo.org as their main site

* PROJ.4 has moved from maptools.org to proj.osgeo.org
  (-> http://trac.osgeo.org/proj/  wiki page)

For my 2c, "http://name_here.osgeo.org" seems logical, but I'm not adamant
about it. (similarly for "name_here" = "live" aka "The OSgeo Live DVD",
"The OSGeo Live USB drive" etc... shrug)

> 3. Linking to what the project stands for would be good, but not 
> essential. This is likely to be broader than what we initially start
> out with.

ie why -dvd or -demo may be limiting.

> * We now have a debian based LiveDVD, which has windows installers for a 
> number of GeoFOSS packages.

I seem to recall in the past DebianGIS has talked about setting up a
meta debiangis-task package, like DebianEdu's series of education-*
packages. That might help a lot here. (outsource maintenance...)
e.g.: http://packages.debian.org/education-geography

> * We will likely target other media in the near future, including USB
> drive

.... and so "liveDVD" partially limits

> * There will likely be derivatives of the project, a distribution 
> targeting a education, or a distribution bundled with a specific 
> dataset, ...

we should make efforts to coordinate with the OSGeo public geodata and
education & curriculum committees sooner rather than later:

> * The project might grow into a distribution itself at some point - 
> maybe something like a geobuntu (I dream big)

have fun :)

> * The project includes the process for building a LiveDVD, not just the
> end result

glad to hear it.
> So please give us your suggestions for a name. We want to finalise this 
> within a day or two so that it is available in time for our upcoming 
> print run.

congrats & thanks on the sponsorship for that.
it's a "good thing".



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