[Live-demo] Live DVD - give us a name

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 18:50:52 PDT 2008

We've had a pow-wow here at LISAsoft and acknowledge concerns regarding 
the name"arramagong" for the LiveDVD project, and want to hear ideas for 
a new name.

Some guidelines from various parties that I've heard so far are:

1. Name needs to be easy to remember, pronounce and write. One or two 
syllables seems to be the preference.
Some suggestions prefer not to pick a word based on "Geo.." or "Open..." 
as these words and derivatives are already over utilised in our area.

2. The name needs to be available as a domain, preferably as all .org 
.com .net

3. Linking to what the project stands for would be good, but not 
essential. This is likely to be broader than what we initially start out 
* We now have a debian based LiveDVD, which has windows installers for a 
number of GeoFOSS packages.
* We will likely target other media in the near future, including USB drive
* There will likely be derivatives of the project, a distribution 
targeting a education, or a distribution bundled with a specific 
dataset, ...
* The project might grow into a distribution itself at some point - 
maybe something like a geobuntu (I dream big)
* The project includes the process for building a LiveDVD, not just the 
end result

So please give us your suggestions for a name. We want to finalise this 
within a day or two so that it is available in time for our upcoming 
print run.

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Hamish,
> By "stand alone Open Source project" I mean a project which has its 
> own steering committee, svn, issue tracker, wiki etc.
> So far, our aim has been to select a unique memorable name and icon 
> for the project, and with most of our GeoFOSS projects using 
> derivatives of the word "open" or "geoXXX", we thought that it would 
> be wise to select something different. (Like "skype" which doesn't 
> have anything to do with free IP telephone calls).
> But I hear the comments about the name "arramagong" and will discuss 
> it with others at LISAsoft today.
> Hamish wrote:
>> Cameron Shorter wrote:
>>> In particular, we are starting to put infrastructure in place to make
>>> the Live DVD a stand alone Open Source project, the first thing we are
>>> needing to get in place for our print run is a name,     
>> What do you mean by "stand alone Open Source project"?
>> i.e. stand-alone from what?
>> Do you mean to move away from calling it the OSGeo Live DVD ?
>> Why/where's the advantage in that? The simple descriptive name is
>> instantly recognizable as to what it does...
>> slightly confused,
>> Hamish

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