[Live-demo] Live DVD - next steps

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Oct 22 04:19:54 PDT 2008

Cameron, shouldn't this project have a more international name?

I support Hamish idea that the name should be at least partially describing what the thing do.
ex: TileCache does Tile Caching (this works perfectly),  FeatureServer (serves features)... 

I hope that soon we'll have the support from Live USB, virtual applications ecc. to do live stuff. this is why I don't support the word "DVD" or "CD" in the name of the project.


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>I'm excited to announced that LISAsoft has  managed to get part
>sponsorship to do another print run of the LiveDVD. We will hand them
>out in a couple of weeks in four Australian cities during a Geospatial
>Open Source workshop roadshow, and also a Geospatial conference.
>In preparation for the print run, we at LISAsoft have been busy
>polishing the existing DVD, improving usability and graphical
>presentation (to give it a more professional look).
>In particular, we are starting to put infrastructure in place to make
>the Live DVD a stand alone Open Source project, the first thing we are
>needing to get in place for our print run is a name, and suitable
>Luckily we have lots of inspiration for for mascots here in Australia,
>and have picked a Wombat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wombat
>And a name for the project: "arramagong" which means "wombats run into
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