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Mark Leslie mrk.leslie at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 15:18:02 PDT 2008

My issue with this name is that geofoss is already in user describing 
the free and open source geospatial software.  While that is certainly 
the arena we're playing in, I don't think we should be grabbing a 
categorical identifier as our project name.  It does say geographic, it 
does say open source, but it doesn't really say anything about the 
project.  Similarly for foss4g derived names.  I don't think we should 
involk the OSGeo, as we are not an official OSGeo project (yet), nor are 
we constraining the software to that under the OSGeo umbrella.
I admit that I choose the name Arramagong mostly for the novelty of it, 
but if the alternative is to have a vague name such as geofoss (sorry to 
pick on Cameron) that actually says nothing about the project, we may as 
well have a name that's meaningless enough to discourage pointless 
guessing at the meaning and doesn't annex an existing term or draw 
associations where there may not be.


Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Lorenzo, you have probably read further down your email thread by now 
> and seen others have made similar comments.
> Would http://geofoss.org work?
> Says "geographic" + "open source"
> Doesn't tie us to a DVD or CD
> Doesn't tie us to "Live" so we can include windows installers as well.
> Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
>> Cameron, shouldn't this project have a more international name?
>> I support Hamish idea that the name should be at least partially 
>> describing what the thing do.
>> ex: TileCache does Tile Caching (this works perfectly),  
>> FeatureServer (serves features)...
>> I hope that soon we'll have the support from Live USB, virtual 
>> applications ecc. to do live stuff. this is why I don't support the 
>> word "DVD" or "CD" in the name of the project.
>> ciao
>> lorenzo
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>>> I'm excited to announced that LISAsoft has  managed to get part
>>> sponsorship to do another print run of the LiveDVD. We will hand them
>>> out in a couple of weeks in four Australian cities during a Geospatial
>>> Open Source workshop roadshow, and also a Geospatial conference.
>>> In preparation for the print run, we at LISAsoft have been busy
>>> polishing the existing DVD, improving usability and graphical
>>> presentation (to give it a more professional look).
>>> In particular, we are starting to put infrastructure in place to make
>>> the Live DVD a stand alone Open Source project, the first thing we are
>>> needing to get in place for our print run is a name, and suitable
>>> logo/mascot.
>>> Luckily we have lots of inspiration for for mascots here in Australia,
>>> and have picked a Wombat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wombat
>>> And a name for the project: "arramagong" which means "wombats run into
>>> holes".
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