[Live-demo] Live DVD - next steps

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Wed Oct 22 19:22:32 PDT 2008

Ridiculous acronyms -
Free, Live, Demo Open source, Geospatial

Random words from a language -
agoterra - latin = Live Earth

Maybe we need to clarify the mission:
A collection of Free and Open Source software for geospatial analysis,
packaged in a way that you can demonstrate and teach directly from
bootable media(CD, DVD, USB, etc) or choose to install a whole operating
system or the software for your operating system(Windows and Mac
installers included; *nix, *bsd expected to use distro repos of build

Based on that description what do you guys have in mind? Maybe we should
just go the Ubuntu route and pick a cool word in an unusual language
that has some interesting implication but not a real direct translation.
So a word that means "Free Earth/Planet" or something...


Mark Leslie wrote:
> My issue with this name is that geofoss is already in user describing
> the free and open source geospatial software.  While that is certainly
> the arena we're playing in, I don't think we should be grabbing a
> categorical identifier as our project name.  It does say geographic, it
> does say open source, but it doesn't really say anything about the
> project.  Similarly for foss4g derived names.  I don't think we should
> involk the OSGeo, as we are not an official OSGeo project (yet), nor are
> we constraining the software to that under the OSGeo umbrella.
> I admit that I choose the name Arramagong mostly for the novelty of it,
> but if the alternative is to have a vague name such as geofoss (sorry to
> pick on Cameron) that actually says nothing about the project, we may as
> well have a name that's meaningless enough to discourage pointless
> guessing at the meaning and doesn't annex an existing term or draw
> associations where there may not be.
> -- 
> Mark
> Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> Lorenzo, you have probably read further down your email thread by now
>> and seen others have made similar comments.
>> Would http://geofoss.org work?
>> Says "geographic" + "open source"
>> Doesn't tie us to a DVD or CD
>> Doesn't tie us to "Live" so we can include windows installers as well.
>> Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
>>> Cameron, shouldn't this project have a more international name?
>>> I support Hamish idea that the name should be at least partially
>>> describing what the thing do.
>>> ex: TileCache does Tile Caching (this works perfectly), 
>>> FeatureServer (serves features)...
>>> I hope that soon we'll have the support from Live USB, virtual
>>> applications ecc. to do live stuff. this is why I don't support the
>>> word "DVD" or "CD" in the name of the project.
>>> ciao
>>> lorenzo
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>>>> Subject: [Live-demo] Live DVD - next steps
>>>> I'm excited to announced that LISAsoft has  managed to get part
>>>> sponsorship to do another print run of the LiveDVD. We will hand them
>>>> out in a couple of weeks in four Australian cities during a Geospatial
>>>> Open Source workshop roadshow, and also a Geospatial conference.
>>>> In preparation for the print run, we at LISAsoft have been busy
>>>> polishing the existing DVD, improving usability and graphical
>>>> presentation (to give it a more professional look).
>>>> In particular, we are starting to put infrastructure in place to make
>>>> the Live DVD a stand alone Open Source project, the first thing we are
>>>> needing to get in place for our print run is a name, and suitable
>>>> logo/mascot.
>>>> Luckily we have lots of inspiration for for mascots here in Australia,
>>>> and have picked a Wombat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wombat
>>>> And a name for the project: "arramagong" which means "wombats run into
>>>> holes".
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