[Live-demo] a new Live-DVD (still alpha ... needs feedback ;-))

massimo di stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Tue Apr 14 17:55:38 PDT 2009

Hi All,

i'm working on a live-dvd,
the live is based on ubuntu 9.04
it icludes some sw form the official repository, to satisfy the needed  
dependancies while for the main GIS sw i used svn version [x]
a description of what is included in the iso.alpha is avaiable here [xx]
i'll think to stabilize it after the official ubuntu 9.04 is released.

I know that to produce an other copy of cd/dvd live is not a good  
think, while we need a collaborative work on a common project
i done these work by myself , to learn,  and for the italian community
(we'll use these dvd as free - gadget distributable in conference or  
any events where gfoss will be implicated)
i'll hope to merge all the needed knowledge in a common project with  
all the osgeo people, so we can do a better job.
i agree that we need a common repository and a  "packages-builder  
system"  to produce .deb for our needs (on these side i need to learn  
more yet)

Please, download it and do some test, comments suggestions, any  
feedback,  well be appreciated.

i preferred to use svn version (i know it isn't a common chice)
but i prefer to have an ins allable live-dvd
using svn code i can update it without some efforts (just svn-up, and  
configure & make)
the idea to have the code installed from source is derived by the  
needs to compile addons,
demostrating in class rooms how to work with svn, compile source,  
update .. debug etc....


link to the project are avaiable from :

gfoss.it wiki-page :


osgeo wiki :


main site for download :



Massimo Di Stefano
massimodisasha at yahoo.it

aka epifanio on   irc.freenode.net  /join gfoss

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