[Live-demo] Ideas for Collaboration

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Apr 14 18:11:22 PDT 2009

I've been thinking about is some and I have a plan or at least an idea
for a plan.

I think we need:
1. packages built and available through standard repos or launchpad
1a. when you custom compile, instead of a make install use checkinstall
which creates a deb file at least good for that system, should be fairly
universal on a live-dvd, it will also show up in the package management.
1a2. Upload the deb files to a launchpad repo for install on other
live-dvds. Note: these are not official deb packages and may not work on
anything other than the live-dvd.
2. A script which loads and actives including gpg keys for repos that
contain Geo Foss software, ie QGIS launchpad
3. A script with dpkg -l list of packages, basically run this and it
will install all the geo based packages
4. A configure script, which will setup things like system user,postgis
user, and maybe things like splash screen, desktop etc.\
4a. A script to add add-ons like qgis python plugins, etc.
5. A list of optional things that can be changed and how to change them
5a. Language
5b. Desktop Background
5c. Screensaver of FOSS screenshots

Everything from 2+ can be stored in a version control.

So the workflow would look like:
1. Download the U(X)(K)buntu variant you want to use.
1a. Install to partition or virtual machine
2. Checkout the scripts from svn
3. Run the scripts
4. Customize datasets and configuration
5. Remastersys
6. Upload/Burn

A good server to upload the variants to would be nice at some point,
since there are bound to be variants.

What do people think?

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