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Thu Apr 16 15:41:54 PDT 2009

Alex, Hamish,
Good to see you laying down a path forward.

For what it is worth, I have inherited the despot role for UbuntuGIS, 
and am looking around for someone willing to take over the role.

I suspect that the UbuntuGIS launchpad could be used for the tasks you 
are describing below?
If so, feel free to suggest its use, and/or volunteer for the despot role.

Alex Mandel wrote:
> I've been thinking about is some and I have a plan or at least an idea
> for a plan.
> I think we need:
> 1. packages built and available through standard repos or launchpad
> 1a. when you custom compile, instead of a make install use checkinstall
> which creates a deb file at least good for that system, should be fairly
> universal on a live-dvd, it will also show up in the package management.
> 1a2. Upload the deb files to a launchpad repo for install on other
> live-dvds. Note: these are not official deb packages and may not work on
> anything other than the live-dvd.
> 2. A script which loads and actives including gpg keys for repos that
> contain Geo Foss software, ie QGIS launchpad
> 3. A script with dpkg -l list of packages, basically run this and it
> will install all the geo based packages
> 4. A configure script, which will setup things like system user,postgis
> user, and maybe things like splash screen, desktop etc.\
> 4a. A script to add add-ons like qgis python plugins, etc.
> 5. A list of optional things that can be changed and how to change them
> 5a. Language
> 5b. Desktop Background
> 5c. Screensaver of FOSS screenshots
> Everything from 2+ can be stored in a version control.
> So the workflow would look like:
> 1. Download the U(X)(K)buntu variant you want to use.
> 1a. Install to partition or virtual machine
> 2. Checkout the scripts from svn
> 3. Run the scripts
> 4. Customize datasets and configuration
> 5. Remastersys
> 6. Upload/Burn
> A good server to upload the variants to would be nice at some point,
> since there are bound to be variants.
> What do people think?
> Alex
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