[Live-demo] LiveDVD from GISVM?

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Wed Aug 12 04:25:10 PDT 2009

Hi Cameron,

this is the way i'm following.

i'm using a linux distro installed on a VM (virtualbox)
then from it i create the live.iso using remastersy basckup utility.

i had to hack a bit remastersy to have it working on sidux too.

why sidux :
sidux has already preinstalled a virtual environment,
so when you start the live.iso inside a VM
it will have the "base" virtualbox addition already Working.

This means :
- mouse can go outside the vm screen
- 3d sw ( like ossimplanet) working in a live session
- screen expanding.. etc

but i also had, in the live.iso desktop, a ditrectory with the  
virtualbox addition installer.
it is needed beacouse any upgrade that touch the kernel ... needs a  
new virtualbox addition installation.

i have an updated live.iso disk image, i uploaded it to darkblue_b  
(irc frrenode)
to a berkeley univ. computer so him can do simple test and see if all  
works as aspected
(the live do not has all the geo-sw installed, beacouse i need that it  
go under testing first.
if we don't have boot and driver problems, i can go ahead to customize  

tell me if you want try it, let me know if i can upload it to you.



Il giorno 11/ago/09, alle ore 08:49, Cameron Shorter ha scritto:

> Ricardo,
> I wonder whether it would be possible to cut a Live DVD image from  
> the GISVM virtual machine image?
> If so, this could be an effective way to share the maintenance of  
> the LiveDVD and GISVM, and share communities.
> Is this possible, and what would be involved to make this happen?
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