[Live-demo] Chat logs re collaborative development of GISVM

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at lisasoft.com
Thu Aug 20 19:24:49 PDT 2009

In summary:
* Ricardo is to send Stefan/LISAsoft a version of his latest GISVM 
desktop so that Stefan can help him with it.
* We are looking to set up a public GISVM server, which developers can 
rsync to their local GISVM. (We still need to confirm that this is feasible)

[10:42:32 AM] Cameron Shorter: hi Jody, Richardo, Stefan
[10:42:59 AM] Stefan: hi everyone
[10:43:04 AM] Jody Garnett: hello
[10:43:05 AM] Cameron Shorter: Yes, Richardo, we have just been reading 
your email.
[10:43:15 AM] Ricardo Pinho: hello jody and stefan
[10:43:22 AM] Jody Garnett: heh - I have not - I am just enthusiastic to 
see things happening  :) 
[10:43:30 AM] Cameron Shorter: I'm wanting to work out how we can work 
collaboratively together.
[10:44:12 AM] Cameron Shorter: LISAsoft has access to servers which we 
could set up, or we could use an OSGeo server.
[10:44:14 AM] Ricardo Pinho: well, i'm also, but now i'm sleepy... 1:44 am
[10:44:37 AM] Stefan: almost time to get up!  ;) 
[10:44:43 AM] Cameron Shorter: Richardo, you must be in Europe?
[10:45:13 AM] Ricardo Pinho: yes Portugal, the guys that discovered 
Australia! heheh
[10:45:25 AM] Jody Garnett: nice
[10:45:27 AM] Jody Garnett: australia is still here
[10:46:22 AM] Ricardo Pinho: ok, i can also use the server where the 
GISVM files are today
[10:46:41 AM] Cameron Shorter: Yes, the Portuguse think they discovered 
Australia, but I recently read that the Chinese very likely sailed right 
around the world in 1421 and discovered lots of places, including 
Australia. There was a facinating book about the evidence for it.
[10:46:42 AM] Ricardo Pinho: i must only confirm is rsync can be used there!
[10:47:33 AM] Ricardo Pinho: (we could talk all night about australia 
[10:48:00 AM] Cameron Shorter: rsync works well for small changes to 
files. I'm not sure if it handles symbolic links very well though.
[10:48:14 AM] Cameron Shorter: Do you have many / any symbolic links yet?
[10:48:47 AM] Ricardo Pinho: yes, inside GISVM, you mean?
[10:49:47 AM] Cameron Shorter: Richardo, are you able to give us ssh 
access to your box where your gisvm server is set up? And are you 
comfortable with giving this to us?
[10:50:34 AM] Stefan: the way how we work together probably depends on 
what we are exactly doing collaboratively. Maybe we should define that 
[10:51:13 AM] Ricardo Pinho: sorry, can't. because I'm not incharge of 
the serve now!
[10:51:51 AM] Cameron Shorter: Stefan, good point. I suggest that we 
want to move functionality from the LiveDVD Arramagong to GISVM.
[10:52:19 AM] Cameron Shorter: So that would be installing packages, and 
setting up config files.
[10:52:26 AM] Stefan: What exactly would you want to move? I don't see 
much that would be worth to be moved.
[10:53:17 AM] Cameron Shorter: I suggest that LISAsoft gets the latest 
version of Richardo's GISVM desktop, and installs it on a server at 
[10:53:53 AM] Jody Garnett: hrm: I do not have much to contribute here - 
just encouragement at collaborating so we get a live dvd for foss4g 
produced from GISVM. And wanting to ask *when* projects should contact 
stefan / ricardo with their latest work?
[10:53:56 AM] Cameron Shorter: We can give Richardo ssh access to the 
server, and we can also allow Richardo to syncronise changes locally 
back to his box.
[10:54:30 AM] Ricardo Pinho: Thats also ok for me! You can host at 
Lisasoft. Just give me the ip and ssh...
[10:54:34 AM] Cameron Shorter: (I'll need to confirm I can get access 
from LISAsoft sys-admin, but I don't see that being a problem)
[10:55:15 AM] Cameron Shorter: Ok, Ricardo, How can we get the latest 
version of your desktop GISVM?
[10:56:03 AM] Ricardo Pinho: I am making it on my home computer (thats 
an home project)
[10:56:28 AM] Ricardo Pinho: so I must upload to the server (don't have 
a IP at home)
[10:56:58 AM] Cameron Shorter: ok, LISAsoft have an ftp server that you 
could load it up to, would that suite?
[10:57:56 AM] Ricardo Pinho: that ok, or we can use torrent...
[10:58:25 AM] Cameron Shorter: Sure, torrent would probably be better, 
if you can set it up, then send us the details.
[10:59:02 AM] Ricardo Pinho: ok! I'm send you by mail
[10:59:34 AM] Ricardo Pinho: well, I must go to bed...
[10:59:59 AM] Cameron Shorter: any chance you could set up the torrent 
before you go to bed?
[11:00:06 AM] Cameron Shorter: Or start the ftp?
[11:00:17 AM] Cameron Shorter: ftp://ftp.a2end.com
[11:00:46 AM] Cameron Shorter: user/pass: anonymous/anonymous
[11:01:13 AM] Ricardo Pinho: Ohh, you want me to send the gisvm desktop 
as it is?
[11:01:27 AM] Ricardo Pinho: it is not ready...
[11:01:32 AM] Cameron Shorter: Yes, I'm hoping we can help you with it.
[11:01:51 AM] Ricardo Pinho: I can send you tomorrow
[11:01:56 AM] Cameron Shorter: Ok.
[11:02:20 AM] Ricardo Pinho: but it lacks several cleanning
[11:02:30 AM] Ricardo Pinho: and must be packed
[11:02:33 AM] Cameron Shorter: At the moment, we have Stefan free to 
help you, but if a project comes in, we may loose him.
[11:02:45 AM] Stefan: it's probably not that urgent, since we won't work 
on it over the weekend.
[11:03:00 AM] Cameron Shorter: Ah - good point.
[11:03:22 AM] Cameron Shorter: ok, thanks for your time Ricardo, we 
should let you go to bed now.
[11:03:46 AM] Cameron Shorter: I plan to send these logs to the email 
list, assuming that is ok with you Ricardo.
[11:04:02 AM] Ricardo Pinho: ok, but think about what i say on my email!
[11:04:38 AM] Ricardo Pinho: I will prepare a version to send over torrent
[11:04:47 AM] Ricardo Pinho: but it will be as it is!
[11:05:04 AM] Cameron Shorter: understood.
[11:05:09 AM] Ricardo Pinho: see you tomorrow guys, nice talking with you!!!
[11:05:22 AM] Stefan: have a good night!
[11:05:38 AM] Ricardo Pinho: shrot one! 5 hour sleep!
[11:05:48 AM] Ricardo Pinho: bye!
[11:06:04 AM] Stefan: just make sure u get enogh coffee in the mornign!  ;) 
[11:06:07 AM] Stefan: bye
[11:06:11 AM] Cameron Shorter: Likewise. I usually log on ~ 6:30am, that 
would be 9:30pm for you.
[11:06:14 AM] Ricardo Pinho: lots of java!
[11:06:24 AM] Ricardo Pinho: hehehe

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