[Live-demo] Chat Cameron/FrankW re using OSGeo Blade Server and Windows Installers

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at lisasoft.com
Tue Aug 25 22:13:54 PDT 2009

Chat log, for archiving:

<CameronShorter> hi FrankW
<FrankW> The telascience blades are generally underpowered to run an 
actual virtual machine if that is what you were thinking.
<CameronShorter> I'm not interested in doing anything useful on the VM, 
I just want it to sync files between.
<CameronShorter> So we don't need much memory or disk space allocated to it.
<CameronShorter> The alternative, might be to have the VM mounted as a 
directory, so that we can access the VM directory for synchronisation.
<CameronShorter> Oh, and while I have you on line, I'm going to be 
asking project leads to write a bash script which loads and configures 
their applications onto the liveDVD.
<CameronShorter> From you, I'm hoping that you will provide me with a 
script which loads Windows GIS package installers.
<FrankW> I'm not too clear what you mean about mounting the vm as a 
directory - how is that different than running it?
<CameronShorter> Mounting the VM as a dir means that you can view the 
directory from the host opperating system, without "powering up" the VM. 
So you don't consume any memory.
<FrankW> I guess I'm not familiar with how that would work - just 
mounting the iso as a file system?
<FrankW> That would be easy enough to do.
<CameronShorter> Basically the same as mounting an ISO.
<CameronShorter> Yes, right.
<FrankW> OK, that's no problem and we could keep the iso on the download 
server and have it mounted either there or on upload.osgeo.org.
<CameronShorter> (Although from reading around, it seems you need to 
install some extra scripts to make it work)
<FrankW> Is the livedvd not just an iso file system?
<CameronShorter> Frank, Ok, I'll run the idea of mounting an ISO or VM 
image past the list, as soon as I can get a resource free to set it up.
<FrankW> ok
<FrankW> If someone needs sudo access on a blade just let me know.
<CameronShorter> The LiveDVD is an ISO, but we are building GISVM first, 
and then will cut an ISO from the VM.
<CameronShorter> ok, thanks.
<FrankW> Back to the windows installers - what are you looking for? 
<CameronShorter> It is open to you really.
<CameronShorter> We have a liveDVD that will be handed out to delegates 
at FOSS4G.
<CameronShorter> We can include a directory of Windows Installers on it, 
or whatever else you suggest.
<FrankW> OK, I'll look into this.
<CameronShorter> I'm thinking we have a directory with all the Windows 
installers, but you may have a better idea.
<CameronShorter> ok, thanks.
<FrankW> Well, naturally i'm somewhat attached to OSGeo4W but it isn't 
just a simple installer.
<CameronShorter> Do you mind if I copy this conversation to the LiveDVD 
<FrankW> feel free
<CameronShorter> I'm happy for you to use OSGeo4W, if you are prepared 
to put it onto the DVD and make sure it works.
<CameronShorter> Basically I'm looking for all participants to write a 
bash script which loads their application onto the Xubuntu base.
<CameronShorter> It will likely be as simple as "wget URL1; wget URL2"
<CameronShorter> I'll have a wiki in place by Friday with instructions.
<FrankW> I see.
<FrankW> ok, sounds good.

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