[Live-demo] Re: osgeo-svn r1170: Moved osgeo/livedvd/gisvm to osgeo/gisvm

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 26 16:24:43 PDT 2009

> I've added your grass script to svn, thanks for providing that.

I'll merge in a few updates soon.

> I haven't tested it but reading the script it seems data is
> copied to $HOME, which I think will be changed to another
> directory.

No idea in what sort of chroot environment the script will be
run in so assumed it would be run "live".  The grass data
(the near-empty user1 mapset actually) must be located in a
dir owned by the current user. This restriction is part of the
multi-user access rules -- everyone gets read access to others'
mapsets in the current project location, but only you get write
access to your one. That way multiple people can work on the
same dataset without clobbering each others maps.
The easiest was to handle that on a single user system is to 
put it into $HOME. If it needsto go into
 /usr/local/share/grassdata (or wherever) that's ok, it just
needs a chown -R on the grassdata/$LOCATION/user directory,
and write permissions to allow the user to create new mapsets
in that same project location.

> Re directory of project:
> * I see us having two distinct projects:
> 1. GISVM is a project in its own right http://gisvm.com,
> with its own  build scripts.
> 2. The LiveDVD project is a project which builds upon
> gisvm, and will have separate scripts to build a liveDVD.

have a look at the peers in the main osgeo level dir,
let's not clutter that up.

Perhaps the livedvd/ dir name is a misnomer, but in effect it's
the catch-all for all of our "live-demo" SVN work.

We could make it live-demo/dvd/ + live-demo/gisvm/ but I think
it's obvious enough as-is & that's unneeded. There is enough
overlap for me not to be worried about semantics.

Plus when doing a svn checkout or svn up it's nice to only
have to do that on one top-level dir.



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