[Live-demo] install_grass.sh script from Hamish

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 27 01:23:52 PDT 2009

Stefan wrote:
> thanks for the script! Unfortunately the version apt-get is
> trying to download is according to your script to old! :'(
> Which repository provides something more recent?

To answer that we'll have to back up a minute to a question I've been
meaning to ask. What Linux distribution & version is the current GISvm
being based on?

to cover the likely suspects:
- *buntu 9.04 - add Jachym's repository to /etc/sources.list:
    + test that all libraries play nice & a sample of modules work
    (specifically 'g.proj -p' and 'v.db.select')
- *buntu 9.10 - latest 6.4.0rc5 should be in the repo already:
- Debian/Lenny - add backports.org to /etc/sources.list
    is older 6.4.0rc4
- Debian/testing or unstable - latest 6.4.0rc5 should be in repo:

A good test that everything is working is to verify that it is possible
to create a new location using an EPSG code with the new project wizard,
and again with that wizard using a Shapefile+.prj as the SRS source.
And again using a GeoTiff as the source, but if the other two work this
one most likely will as well.

I had checked in an improved version of the script into the live-helper
SVN, & I've now copied that into the gisvm bin/ dir.

It now better handles the old 6.2 version (by selecting the old GUI) and
puts the bulk of the data into /usr/local/share/grass/ with symlinks from
the user's $HOME dir. I was not sure of the user name chosen for the image
so that will need editing in the script.

FYI I added the user to the "users" group for write access to the
/usr/local/share/grass/ dir. I doubt that anything would be written
there but I know if there aren't permissions to it Murphy's Law will
ensure that something does need to be written there.

As before, I have not tested the script at all. But it's probably mostly
functional aside from the chmod stuff which may need some tweaking.

Q: do you have QGIS installed? You definitely have to use their
unofficial /etc/sources.list repos for that. What I am not sure of is
the best way to get the mighty-fine GRASS<->QGIS link up and running.
If everything were packaged by the same outfit it would just be a case
of installing both the libgdal1-1.5.0-grass GDAL plugin and the
qgis-plugin-grass toolbox plugin. But as it is it may take some special
care or compiling by hand to get all the library versions aligned.
Or maybe it works the first time- don't know.



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