[Live-demo] Next Version - Spring 2010

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at lisasoft.com
Mon Dec 7 12:31:05 PST 2009

Thanks for pushing this along.

I'm +1 for a March release. (Note, for us in the South, that would be 
Autumn, so I suggest using month names instead of seasons to pick a date).

A few random thoughts:
* One of the first things we should do is get a schedule in place, and 
allocate a lot of time for the release and testing cycle. It took us a 
lot of time to clean up last minute bugs in the last release.

* Lets see if we can improve our tools. In particular, I'd love it if we 
could get click2try to provide us with a development environment.

* I think we need to consolidate our web pages and brand them 
consistently. We have web pages under "livedvd, gisvm, arramagong, ..."
I think that our project name and mission should not be tied to the 
distribution medium, because we can be much more than that. What we have 
is a "build process for OSGeo software  (and documentation)". Currently 
the build process is tied to Ubuntu, but in the future we will likely 
have spin offs to other platforms. Eg, we might put out a documentation 
or tutorial release which is available on windows.

* I'm hopeful that at least one of the projects we have packaged in the 
liveDVD can be moved into DebianGIS/UbuntuGIS projects. So that the 
LiveDVD project can be used as a stepping stone toward getting a project 
into Ubuntu. Ideally, we will document and automate this process as we 
go. While the arramagong project has been good for attracting uses, we 
would attract significantly more users if trying osgeo software was as 
easy as "apt-get install arramagong".

Alex Mandel wrote:
> I know there are lots of issues to work on so I wanted to get the
> discussion started on the next version of the Live Demo. I'll toss out
> that I'd like to see the next one roll out by the end of March 2010,
> version 2.5? (Maybe we should change the numbering system?)
> I'm specifically targeting the spring conference season in which I know
> of several events that OSGeo intends to have booths at and would be
> great to get discs to.
> The basics of this run,
> upgrade base image to Karmic Koala(9.10)
> make sure all the OSGeo projects get onto it.
> The version after that would be for the next FOSS4G, in the fall,
> probably based on Ubuntu 10.4
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Alex
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