[Live-demo] Next Version - Spring 2010

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Dec 7 12:33:09 PST 2009

Hamish wrote:
> Alex wrote:
>> I'll toss out that I'd like to see the next one roll out
> sure, one frustrating thing about the last round was the rush
> at the end.
>> by the end of March 2010, version 2.5? (Maybe we should change
>> the numbering system?)
> why the version inflation? what's wrong with calling it 2.1 for
> an incremental update? AFAIAC that end of things is just fine as-is.
> regards,
> Hamish

I was a real guess on the numbers. If each Foss4G disc is upped by one
whole number than it makes sense that 1,2,2,5,3 would be a logical way
to number them.

We are also jumping the underlying distro each time if we do this on an
every 6 months plan.

Hence why it might be better to move towards a numbering system based on
the year.

But yes we could go with 2.1, and the for Foss4g it would likely be 2.2.


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