[Live-demo] OSGEO Live GIS , ideas to share

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 11 18:50:09 PST 2009

Massimo wrote:
> - can we fix a date to start the up-to date work needed for
> the install scripts to runs on unbuntu 9.10 ?


the prior release is already branched off, so as long as you
stick to trunk it's all good.

> - what about adding different architecture e.g. to have
> install scripts running on "i386, x86_64, ppc" ?

as far as releases go, that is not very easy with the GISVM
build approach. for the live-helper approach that is just one
line to change in a config file; cross compiling is possible too.

as far as running the build scripts on an existing system, I
think the main thing is to change the sources.list targets over,
but be aware for the things that get compiled some software
might not be fully 64 bit compliant. Also I have no idea if the
Java blob supports non 32 bit i686 platforms.

> - linux and geoscience .. i'd like the idea to have on a
> "dedicated" osgeo live project, not only speciphic "geo" sw,
> i agree the we are on Osgeo, but adding other science sw
> (like plotting tools, statistic and symbolic calculus sw ..
> etc ... ) can be a cool start point for an live project
> dedicated to an "educational" releaseĀ  (in this case
> ,"educational-release", i vote to eliminate the mac and win
> installer and give more focus (and space) on new sw,
> tutorial data and documentation)

you might mave a look at the Poseidon live dvd project.

> Unlucky i'm having problems to learn how to make .deb for
> an official debian package 
> .. i'd like the idea the osgeo live project will works for
> both distro "ubuntu and debian-sid"
> (i'm avaiable to spend my time to convert all the script
> from ubuntu to debian, i did a lot of work on this
> direction) 
> My problem are related to the debian rules file and how to
> hndle the dependence. 
> You know ... "make a debian official package" is not so easy.
> i'm really intersted to learn more about packaging an
> "axample case" on how to make .deb for a complex sw like
> "grass, gdal, qgis" can give me a great help.
> i'm sure .. from a complex example it is possible to learn
> a lot of thinks. 

please post problems to the DebianGIS mailing list, and if you
don't get an answer just keep trying :)
packaging config examples can be found in the DebianGIS svn.



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