[Live-demo] OSGEO Live GIS , ideas to share

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Fri Dec 11 23:54:11 PST 2009

Il giorno 12/dic/2009, alle ore 03.50, Hamish ha scritto:

> Massimo wrote:
>> - can we fix a date to start the up-to date work needed for
>> the install scripts to runs on unbuntu 9.10 ?
> go!
> the prior release is already branched off, so as long as you
> stick to trunk it's all good.

ok, i start

>> - what about adding different architecture e.g. to have
>> install scripts running on "i386, x86_64, ppc" ?
> as far as releases go, that is not very easy with the GISVM
> build approach. for the live-helper approach that is just one
> line to change in a config file; cross compiling is possible too.
> as far as running the build scripts on an existing system, I
> think the main thing is to change the sources.list targets over,
> but be aware for the things that get compiled some software
> might not be fully 64 bit compliant. Also I have no idea if the
> Java blob supports non 32 bit i686 platforms.

i can test on 64bit, while i have no acces to ppc.
on 64 bit some indtaller scripts seems do not runs
i'll report more speciphic notes.

>> - linux and geoscience .. i'd like the idea to have on a
>> "dedicated" osgeo live project, not only speciphic "geo" sw,
>> i agree the we are on Osgeo, but adding other science sw
>> (like plotting tools, statistic and symbolic calculus sw ..
>> etc ... ) can be a cool start point for an live project
>> dedicated to an "educational" release  (in this case
>> ,"educational-release", i vote to eliminate the mac and win
>> installer and give more focus (and space) on new sw,
>> tutorial data and documentation)
> you might mave a look at the Poseidon live dvd project.

I know it, it's a great project!
from poseido i see some sw title i don't know first.
But seems the last release is dated 2008.
Maybe for educational purpose is not needed
to have the last sw version installed?
btw, just to know if it was a topic of interests.

>> Unlucky i'm having problems to learn how to make .deb for
>> an official debian package 
>> .. i'd like the idea the osgeo live project will works for
>> both distro "ubuntu and debian-sid"
>> (i'm avaiable to spend my time to convert all the script
>> from ubuntu to debian, i did a lot of work on this
>> direction) 
>> My problem are related to the debian rules file and how to
>> hndle the dependence. 
>> You know ... "make a debian official package" is not so easy.
>> i'm really intersted to learn more about packaging an
>> "axample case" on how to make .deb for a complex sw like
>> "grass, gdal, qgis" can give me a great help.
>> i'm sure .. from a complex example it is possible to learn
>> a lot of thinks. 
> please post problems to the DebianGIS mailing list, and if you
> don't get an answer just keep trying :)
> packaging config examples can be found in the DebianGIS svn.

i'll do it. i gived a look only on the debian site. i'll explotre the debian gis site too.

to All:  any feedback about the live-dvd "localization" idea ?

Hamish, thanks for feedback 
i really appreciated your preciouse hints!
i'll start to work and report soon to the list.


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