[Live-demo] OSGEO Live GIS , ideas to share

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 12 04:11:17 PST 2009

> > you might mave a look at the Poseidon live dvd project.

Massimo wrote:
> I know it, it's a great project!
> from poseido i see some sw title i don't know first.
> But seems the last release is dated 2008.

I have heard from the main author in the last month that it's
alive & a new version is in the works.

> Maybe for educational purpose is not needed
> to have the last sw version installed?

IMO for a demo disc you might err to showing off the latest-
greatest features, although it does your reputation no good
to hand out buggy untested software.

For an educational disc I would err on the side of tested
stability. I find when learning a new program that I am only
willing to invest time if I know that problems that come up
are due to my own ignorance; it is no fun to spend hours on
a problem only to learn that it's due to a bug. After that you
are not willing to the time in and so you will abandon learning

IMO official Ubuntu/released or Debian/testing packages
represent a good compromise between those. ie modern + QA'd.
So I feel we are on the right track :)

> Hamish, thanks for feedback 
> i really appreciated your preciouse hints!

no worries; thanks to all from me as well.

> i'll start to work and report soon to the list.

great, I look forward to it.



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