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Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Wed Dec 16 16:14:36 PST 2009

Il giorno 16/dic/2009, alle ore 23.09, Hamish ha scritto:

> Cameron wrote:
>> although the last distribution we
>> built is our highlight, because we moved from just 3 or 4
>> people involved in packaging to ~ 20 people who collectively
>> built a distribution in 6 weeks.
> I hope that thanks to the work on the last release the next
> one will be 1/10th the work for the same result. Hopefully
> Ubuntu/UbuntuGIS packages just quietly update themselves to
> the latest version in the background & automatically get
> picked up. we'll see.

i started to try the script on ubuntu9.10
some packages get updates like gdal geos and others nut i agree
this think are easy to fix.
unlucky my vm has no user = user and is 64 bit so i cant produce yet a working report
(again .. i know, sorry .. but 64bit is too fast :-P  )

i'll try from a fresh 32 bit using the right settings "user:user"

> the final download for the last ISO was 3.6 GB which leaves
> us with about 700mb for more geodata and apps. (Probably new
> ubuntu releases bloat up by about 10%/year?)
> for my part I'd like to see more geodata tied into tutorials,
> and think more about a common pool of geotiff/shapefile/postgis
> geodata to pull from for those tutorials.

me too, i prefer to see more data yes .. and use the same data for each application
"where applicable".

i also think that we need (after we have selected a common data set)
to work to produce different complex ans simple project-file for each application.

So we can have beautifull  project to load on the fly to demostrate application's capability...

and not at least,  having common data and "similar project-file" can also give us a method to "evaluate" (just like a "benchmark")  the different application.
(maybe an final report sounds great ... just like the osgeo-benchmark-team has did for the web-gis rendering at foss4g 2009.)

>> I believe we were successful because:
>> * We reduced the barrier of entry and offered high value
>> for projects wanting to join. "Write a simple install
>> script, and we will guarantee your application will be
>> distributed on a DVD handed out at our international
>> conference to all delegates".
> mmmph, we need to maintain some level of quality and editorial
> control... I worry that a full-on free-for-all encourages
> projects to act in their own interest at the expense of others.
> I've got no idea where that optimum balance point is of course,
> but if we can encourage the projects to stay involved after
> submitting their script to help maintain it, and in that time
> learn about how the whole disc interacts, then that sort of
> solves itself.

here i've no clue .. 
i'm sure that internationalizatio (localization)
is a nice target to achieve
... it is also a "good point" to see local chapters in action.



.. again on data, we can also pay attention to "case study" we can propone in the project files.
i means we can focus our attention on topic that are 
"intersting, up to date and dedicated to noble scopes" 
.. see climate changes, earth resources , migration, war, marine biodiversity, whater managment ... and so on

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