[Live-demo] OSGEO Live GIS , ideas to share - Poseidon

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 16 14:09:49 PST 2009

Cameron wrote:
> although the last distribution we
> built is our highlight, because we moved from just 3 or 4
> people involved in packaging to ~ 20 people who collectively
> built a distribution in 6 weeks.

I hope that thanks to the work on the last release the next
one will be 1/10th the work for the same result. Hopefully
Ubuntu/UbuntuGIS packages just quietly update themselves to
the latest version in the background & automatically get
picked up. we'll see.

the final download for the last ISO was 3.6 GB which leaves
us with about 700mb for more geodata and apps. (Probably new
ubuntu releases bloat up by about 10%/year?)

for my part I'd like to see more geodata tied into tutorials,
and think more about a common pool of geotiff/shapefile/postgis
geodata to pull from for those tutorials.

> I believe we were successful because:
> * We reduced the barrier of entry and offered high value
> for projects wanting to join. "Write a simple install
> script, and we will guarantee your application will be
> distributed on a DVD handed out at our international
> conference to all delegates".

mmmph, we need to maintain some level of quality and editorial
control... I worry that a full-on free-for-all encourages
projects to act in their own interest at the expense of others.
I've got no idea where that optimum balance point is of course,
but if we can encourage the projects to stay involved after
submitting their script to help maintain it, and in that time
learn about how the whole disc interacts, then that sort of
solves itself.



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