[Live-demo] Next Version - New Name ?!

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 19 17:59:54 PST 2009

Ricardo wrote:
> So, I really think it would be wise to remove the GISVM
> name use on future OSGeo Live-Demo products,

if that is your wish, so be it.

> to avoid confusion and keep me free to use my GISVM name/brand
> without hurting anyone feelings.

So the "Arramagong GISVM" build becomes the "Arramagong VM" build, that's
easy enough, but how shall we repay your due credit? all we have been
able to do so far is to publicly say "gisvm is so good that we used it"
and "here is a link to them", along with, I hope, some valuable feedback,
ideas, and exposure.

It would be wrong to claim that any of OSGeo, LisaSoft, GISVM, or any
of the individual upstream package teams acted alone for the FOSS4G 2009
disc. The fewer people who are mentioned, the less of a team project it
appears and correspondingly the harder it is to attract new volunteer
talent. Distilling that into one sentence without neglecting any
individual's contribution is, as you demonstrate, not very easy.

just my thoughts,

ps- y'all's english is fine


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