[Live-demo] Links for

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 8 13:44:37 PST 2009

> > Stefan Hansen wrote:
> > There is also already a wiki-page for outstanding issues, but it would
> > be much better to have an issue tracker.

Doug White wrote:
> An issue tracker is a great idea, does anyone have a preference? Where
> would this be hosted?

OSGeo's trac system seems a logical place to have it:

for example, for what may be considered a sister project to the live-demo:

In my experience Trac is very nice and well integrated. GDAL, PROJ.4,
QGIS, GRASS, etc. projects all use it there.

If there is consensus for that I am happy to put in the request to activate 
it. I assume we are only interested in the bug/wish system at this point?
(i.e. no SVN repo)



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