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Doug White doug.royce.white at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 13:21:19 PST 2009

Hi All,

Sorry for not replying sooner.  As I have mentioned to Cameron, I 
haven't got the time to dedicate to coordinating the project at the 
moment, but I can do some of these of things.

> Stefan Hansen wrote:
>> Hi Doug and Cameron!
>> Cameron Shorter wrote:
>>> The wiki page is still focused toward the FOSS4G 2008 effort, and needs
>>> to complete revamp to focus on FOSS4G 2009.
>>> In particular, we need to:
>>> * document the steps required to create the LiveDVD to facilitate 
>>> others
>>> helping out. (noting that we lever UbuntuGIS and DebianGIS.
>> There is already such a document for creating an iso-image from an
>> existing Ubuntu-installation:
>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Creating_a_Live_GIS_DISC_from_scratch
>> (I just noticed some bits are not general enough, but I will fix that as
>> soon as I have time)
>> If you want to create a LiveDVD based on Debian, the better option might
>> be to use LiveHelper. Mark and I considered using LiveHelper for Ubuntu,
>> but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for Ubuntu. 

Stefan if you are able to quickly fix the problems you noticed with the 
following page, I will be able to maintain it and add any additional 
details re UbuntuGIS and DebianGIS etc.  I have not looked at LiveHelper 
but will endeavour to do so and can document it's use also.


I can also start to update the Live_GIS_Disc page to focus on FOSS4G 
2009.  Cameron this should act as a bit of a hub for tying in some of 
the other stuff such as the milestones and release schedule.

> * contact projects that should update or add their software to the
> LiveDVD and help them get involved. 

Cameron, who did you have in mind?  I can target a few projects and 
sound them out.  I note you're efforts over the weekend for the QGIS 

>> * document the current status (like versions of software, outstanding
>> issues etc)
> There is also already a wiki-page for outstanding issues, but it would
> be much better to have an issue tracker. 

An issue tracker is a great idea, does anyone have a preference? Where 
would this be hosted?

> More important is is to limit the applications and services that are
> initially loaded during the boot process, since this has a rather big
> effect on the startup time and the required amount of memory. Currently
> our LiveDVD loads Postgres, Tomcat, Apache, etc immediately at the
> start.Most likely in later version the user will have to start them
> himself if he wants to use them. The DVD boots just so much quicker...
Personally I prefer these services to start at boot, but maybe we can 
document how to start the services manually or create some desktop icons 
that shortcut the process?  How much longer does it take to start 
Postgres, Apache, Tomcat etc at boot? I will test this myself too.


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