[Live-demo] Online live trial of Software

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Wed Jul 29 17:41:17 PDT 2009

So a new opportunity came up that I think we should take advantage of.
A company called click2try hosts a site where you can basically launch
any desktop application you want in a web browser and play with it for
free. This only really applies to FOSS software that will run on linux
(due to licensing issues). The service is free and I had a chat with
them at OSCON last week in which they were very excited to get some of
the OSGeo stuff up.

Basically, if you go to their site and boot up their Ubuntu desktop demo
you can install whatever you want and then save a snapshot of the
virtual machine(requires a free account) and then message them and they
will turn it into a one click to launch application for others to try.

We also have an opportunity to work on getting the our complete live
images bootable on their system too.


I think this would be great and allow every project to have a button on
their site that says click here to launch a test version of this
software directly online, no install needed.

Have at it,

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