[Live-demo] Educational content for the Live DVD

Mark Leslie mrk.leslie at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 16:47:57 PDT 2009

With the organisation of FOSS4G 2009 marching steadily along, we've 
reached the point where we need to start figuring out what to add to the 
Live DVD we will be providing delegates.  In particular, I'm interested 
in what Edu material is available that people think should be included.

I should be clear on a few points, we don't want the DVD to become a 
library of material.  It should target beginner users primarily (our 
expected audience at the conference) and make use of software and data 
on the dvd.  Current software is described on the wiki[1], and basic 
sample data is installed along with the programs.  More data will be 
happily included as appropriate for the material, and additional 
applications can be added if people are willing to make it happen.

So if you know of any material that would be of interest, please let us 
know.  Ideally we want these to be catalogued in the education 
database[2] as well so our DVD team can find them easily.


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