[Live-demo] Educational content for the Live DVD

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 11 17:13:01 PDT 2009

Mark wrote:
> With the organisation of FOSS4G 2009
> marching steadily along, we've reached the point where we
> need to start figuring out what to add to the Live DVD we
> will be providing delegates.  In particular, I'm
> interested in what Edu material is available that people
> think should be included.

[sample geodata for use with tutorials etc]

If would be helpful if for GRASS the Spearfish and Spearfish Imagery
datasets were included (rather small: <20mb?) and the North Carolina
sample dataset was included. And the Slovakia 3D rainfall dataset
if there is room.

There is also a common-format version of the NC dataset in
shape/geotiff format.

these form the basis of most examples and tutorials in grass.


it would also be nice to include some example LIDAR data, either
in raw ascii x,y,z text file (bzipped?) or if libLAS is included
on the liveDVD then in the smaller (binary) LAS format. (suggest
North Carolina dataset for that)

and whatever global datasets will fit (etopo2, etc)

and of course the climate change dataset mentioned on the
conference workshops & tutorials webpage. (more workshop &
tutorial data requirements will be known when the list of 
conference workshops & tutorials is published)



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