[Live-demo] Using OSGeo hosting platform for developingArramagong/LiveDVD/GISVM

Gavin Treadgold gt at kestrel.co.nz
Sun Nov 1 12:20:06 PST 2009

Hi Bob,

This is exactly the reason I signed up to the list too.

I'm a board member for the Sahana Software Foundation, as our project  
Sahana (a free and open source emergency management information  
system) is a perfect candidate to be deployed on top of a geospatial  
stack. We have had some issues with users deploying our web app  
(currently php and mysql) and as we more tightly integrate things  
geospatial, we want to be able to provide a working distro with full  
geospatial stack as both a livedisc and VMs. On top of that, we may  
also go down the path of creating country or region specific  
distributions that are bundled with geospatial data suitable for  
emergency management. We support MapServer integration, have also been  
using GeoRSS to aggregate spatial data from other sources, are looking  
at using tilecache for caching maps tiles, and our main access to  
geospatial data is via OpenLayers. But we want to provide a single box  
installation that includes not only Sahana but also a full working  
FOSS mapping stack.

So, we are very interested in getting Sahana working on the livedisc,  
and if there is a commitment to maintain it and update it, I could  
certainly see us adopting it. In the meantime, we need first to tweak  
Sahana to install on Postgres ;)

I'd be interested to see if this is a use case you'd be willing to  
support us with, and likewise we may be able to get some of our  
(currently few) geospatial folks to help out in return.

Cheers Gavin

http://sahana.lk/ (this will have to do until we get our new  
Foundation website up)

PS would have loved to attended FOSS4G, but ended up going to the  
Crisis Mapping conference in Cleveland instead - a bit disappointing  
since I'm based in Christchurch, NZ, such a short flight away :)

On 2009-11-01, at 05:41 , Bob Basques wrote:
> I've watched this progress leading up to the Sydney event from the
> sidelines.  I have a question about the final intent of the product
> though.  Is this intended as a learning tool, a production
> implementation of a stack or ???
> I have many business interests related to this, most recently  
> emergency
> management, but port data stores are also of interest as well as  
> syncing
> of datastores, as in collecting offline and syncing when network
> available.

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