[Live-demo] Using OSGeo hosting platform for developingArramagong/LiveDVD/GISVM

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 15:23:21 PST 2009


I'm very excited by the potential of integrating Sahana and the LiveDVD. 
This is exactly the sort of domain specific use case which I see as 
being the next step for our packaging efforts.

I'd love to talk with you further about this. Can I call you on a 
landline or skype or similar?

Gavin Treadgold wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> This is exactly the reason I signed up to the list too.
> I'm a board member for the Sahana Software Foundation, as our project 
> Sahana (a free and open source emergency management information 
> system) is a perfect candidate to be deployed on top of a geospatial 
> stack. We have had some issues with users deploying our web app 
> (currently php and mysql) and as we more tightly integrate things 
> geospatial, we want to be able to provide a working distro with full 
> geospatial stack as both a livedisc and VMs. On top of that, we may 
> also go down the path of creating country or region specific 
> distributions that are bundled with geospatial data suitable for 
> emergency management. We support MapServer integration, have also been 
> using GeoRSS to aggregate spatial data from other sources, are looking 
> at using tilecache for caching maps tiles, and our main access to 
> geospatial data is via OpenLayers. But we want to provide a single box 
> installation that includes not only Sahana but also a full working 
> FOSS mapping stack.
> So, we are very interested in getting Sahana working on the livedisc, 
> and if there is a commitment to maintain it and update it, I could 
> certainly see us adopting it. In the meantime, we need first to tweak 
> Sahana to install on Postgres ;)
> I'd be interested to see if this is a use case you'd be willing to 
> support us with, and likewise we may be able to get some of our 
> (currently few) geospatial folks to help out in return.
> Cheers Gavin
> http://sahana.lk/ (this will have to do until we get our new 
> Foundation website up)
> PS would have loved to attended FOSS4G, but ended up going to the 
> Crisis Mapping conference in Cleveland instead - a bit disappointing 
> since I'm based in Christchurch, NZ, such a short flight away :)
> On 2009-11-01, at 05:41 , Bob Basques wrote:
>> I've watched this progress leading up to the Sydney event from the
>> sidelines.  I have a question about the final intent of the product
>> though.  Is this intended as a learning tool, a production
>> implementation of a stack or ???
>> I have many business interests related to this, most recently emergency
>> management, but port data stores are also of interest as well as syncing
>> of datastores, as in collecting offline and syncing when network
>> available.
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