[Live-demo] Installing Arramagong as the main OS

vega_l at yahoo.com vega_l at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 22 05:43:20 PST 2009

Good afternoon.

I've been using GRASS in Arramagong for a while, and I think it is an excellent piece of software to use open source GIS tools.

My question is simple. I'm related to the Ubuntu system and its installation process, and I would like to install Arramagong as the system by default into my secondary PC.

Choosing "System/Install Xubuntu GNU Linux" will install the system into a disk partition?
Can I use the Live CD to install it? If I do it, the GIS tools I'm using from the virtual machine version will be installed along with Xubuntu?

Thank you in advance!

Luis Alberto Vega.

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