[Live-demo] Someone said I should start posting things here about USB based service building . . .

Bob Basques Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Thu Oct 1 06:54:45 PDT 2009

I've been experimenting the last couple of weeks with building out a standalone mapping service running from USB.   Things are kind of gel-ing around portableApps (for windows) so far.  I did try other combinations of things though, Portable FireFox (from Mozilla) with the POW extension, FF (packaged via portableApps) with Apache Portable, Full Apache with portable FF, Full Apache with FF from PortableApps. 
I finally got FULL Apache to do what I was looking to do.   I was really wanting the POW extension for FF to be workabale though, since it would make portability across OS's much nicer.  I may go back and hit that again using what I've learned and see if I can still make that work.  The one click option seems like it might be nicer this way, since all the user would need to do is start FF from the USB.  Database services may be problematic with this approach though, but I could build in a controller right into the Browser for this. 
So, where am I at now.  PortableApps/XAMPP seems to be the best option for Windows which is what I started working on.  I intend to attack MAC and Linux as well.  The end result is to have a standalone mapping service start up either automatically after insertion into the USB and/or a one click startup, that may, at some future date, also update itself from some master services yet to be named.  :c) 
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