[Live-demo] Version numbers

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 1 17:40:40 PDT 2009

Ricardo Pinho wrote:
> But I really don't want to be accused of using others work
> on the benefit of GISVM name.

don't be too modest, we are very much "standing on the shoulders" of 
your good work.

> GISVM has it's own life, and I will try to make it last for
> many other FOSS events.
> Sometime after the FOSS4G2009 there will be a new GISVM
> version out of the existing scripts! 

yes, hopefully the next one built on the Ubuntu 9.10 or sidux release
will just be some minor tweaks to incorporate minor package name changes
and replacing self-compiles with newly packaged versions, and only be
an afternoon's work to get up and running... and that will be something!

> Because there are many things to improve...

have fun,



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