[Live-demo] Version numbers

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 1 21:23:22 PDT 2009

> > In that case, can we please name the VM release:
> > arramagong-vm-2.0.3
> Sure I can name it that, I kinda assumed we wanted to give some more
> credit to the GISVM. Wasn't clear to me if the projects were merging in
> some way. I'm also concerned that in no way does the name indicate GIS,
> geospatial or anything like that,

I tend to agree, on both points. We owe a lot to GISVM, and to the
unknowing or forgetting eye the file name does resemble some random
collection of letters and numbers. Having "gis" in there helps.

FWIW "my" live-helper variant in svn currently has a host name of
"osgeo-live" but I really liked Alex's "agoterra" suggestion way back
when and have been considering hijacking it ever since :)

> Can't remember if that changes the md5 or not, didn't think it did.

no, it doesn't. only the file contents contribute to the md5sum, not
the filename, ownership, or properties.



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