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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 14:21:40 PDT 2009

I've filled in some answers for your click2try documentation at:


Tom Callaghan wrote:
> On another note, there are two documentation pieces we need to put together
> to publish the VM; a quickstart guide and a catalog entry.  While we can
> piece these together ourselves, it would be very helpful if you could
> provide the basic content.
> The quickstart guide is designed to give someone the basic information users
> need to log into the application(s), and perform very basic functionality.
> It is not designed to be a tutorial.  While it can be resized, it is
> designed to fit in about 2 1/2 inches of screen space on the left side of
> the viewer window.  I envision the quickstart guide as having basic terminal
> login information followed by a bullet for each app containing a
> description, login information (if required) and some basic functionality of
> the app.
> For the catalog entry, below is the information we need.  Please try to give
> us at least the required info.  Obviously, the more information you provide,
> the better the catalog entry will be and it will provide more links into
> your site.
> Required:
> Name
> Title
> Current Version
> Release Date
> Category (How would you categorize it in our catalog)
> Licenses (GPL, LGPL, MPL, etc.)
> Site URL
> Link to logo Graphic
> Support Available (Community, Commercial, etc)
> Short Description (one to two sentences)
> Long Description (may be several paragraphs)
> Features and Benefits
> List of Online Documentation: (provide URL and Title)
> Optional:
> List of Reviews (Provide URL and Title)
> List of Testimonials (Provide URL and Title)
> List of FAQs: (provide URL and Title)
> List of Studies:  (Provide URL and Title)
> List of Blogs:  (Provide URL and Title)
> List of Wikis: (Provide URL and Title)
> List of News PR: (Provide URL and Title)
> List of RSS: (Provide URL and Title)
> List of Online Books: (Provide URL, Title, Author, Year Published, and ISBN)
> List of Team Members: (Name, Position)
> List of Team Member Sites: (Name, URL, Title)
> Regards,
> Tom

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