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Tom Callaghan tom.callaghan at click2try.com
Thu Oct 15 14:26:30 PDT 2009

Hi Cameron,

We have one very important issue in the press release.  I misspelled the
word Geospatial as Geospacial in the category name.  Big mistake on my part.
I fixed the category name, but that breaks the URL I gave you for the press
release.  Can you change the URL in the press release to have Geospatial
spelled correctly?  If not, I will have to figure out how to make that URL
work while making sure people see the category as Geospatial, not
Geospacial.  Please let me know if you can still have that fixed or if I
need to have both URLs available.

Other than that, I think we are good to go.  There may still be one issue
with uDig, but as soon as Aneel resolves that we can update the production

We have run through some cursory testing ourselves.  However, I do not know
the apps like your developers do.  So, they may want to run through this
version as well by creating a new VM from scratch and trying it out.



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Are we ready to send the press release out yet? Or do you want time to 
verify it works first?

Our press release is at:

Tom Callaghan wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> First, I want to thank everyone involved for all of the hard work and 
> cooperation getting this appliance assembled.  This morning we have 
> published the GISVM appliance in the click2try.com catalog.  There may 
> still be one or two things to fix, but Aneel and Arun will continue to 
> work those issues.  It is currently, published on one server but will 
> migrate to several servers by the end of day.  Please give it a try.  
> You do not even need to log into the web site. 
> 1.       Click here http://www.click2try.com to go to click2try.com
> 2.       Navigate to Web Development/Geospacial/Arramagong GISVM
> 3.       Click the "Try this Application" button
> 4.       Click the "Start My Application" button
> That's it.  A quick environment test will run and if you pass, it will 
> then provision a brand new instance of the appliance and connect you 
> to it through the click2try viewer.  We will send out the html code 
> for a button that can launch one of these demos directly from your web 
> sites.  Without a login, you get a 4 hour non-persistent VM (It goes 
> away when you close the viewer or after 4 hours).  If you want to have 
> a persistent VM, you will need to register with the site.  
> Registration is free.
> If you find anything wrong, please let us know.  We can fix it as 
> necessary.
> Tom

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