[OSGeo-Edu] Re: [Live-demo] Creating OSgeo training material as part of the OSGeo Live DVD

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 13:48:22 PDT 2010

It would be excellent if you could create OpenJump documentation for the 

Unfortunately OpenJUMP did not get much attention on the last release of 
the live DVD as we didn't have an active point of contact familiar with 
OpenJUMP available to help us. (Maybe you could be that person as we 
come up to the foss4g 2010 release?)
If so, please add your name to our list of contacts for projects here: 

The process for writing docs is here:

If you don't have access to subversion, then let us know your osgeo user 
id as explained here:

Stefan Steiniger wrote:
> Hei,
> i) what concerns the "one"-page description for the LiveDVD. I can do 
> that for OpenJUMP if someone sends me a template (there is one?).

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