[Live-demo] Monitoring usage of the osgeo-live website

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 21:30:46 PST 2010

Daniel Kastl wrote:
> What about using something like Piwik (http://piwik.org/)?
> It's quite good and easy to use statistics tool.
> If we can't install it on an OSGeo server (or don't want), I have one
> installation running on the Georepublic server.
> It would be OK to use it.

Nothing new is needed, AWStats is already installed and running on
download.osgeo.org where we host the website.

I'm not sure if the results are made public or not.
FWIW I've never used awstats myself, I usually install webalizer for that.
>From a maintenance point of view I'm also rather doubtful of installing
anything on the server which isn't already a standard debian package (and
so gets automatic security fixes, is strongly audited, doesn't conflict
with anything else, etc).



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