[Live-demo] Requesting comment on new translation status sheet

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 13:39:58 PST 2010

Hello translators,
I've been practising some excel wizardry in order to provide a 
reasonable amount of automation to collection of the status of 
translated documentation.

Before I roll out the status across all the specific language status 
sheets, I'd like to get feedback to make sure I'm on track. The 
spreadsheet I'm working on is in google docs here:

I've written a script extracts version numbers of all documents in svn, 
which is manually copied to the sheet svnlist.

I'm also extracting the status of English docs from our package status 
page here:
(Status of English docs are: 4.0final, 4.5devel, 4.5draft, 4.5complete)

I'm now expecting that we will keep a translation status for each 
document as: (--, draft, complete, reviewed)

Based on all these inputs, I've created a "Summary" sheet, which allows 
us to see:
* whether a doc is ready for translation
* whether the English doc is newer than the translated doc (with status 
of "...dated")
* whether a doc has completed translation
* who was the last person to commit a file to subversion
* priority for translating

You can see what this should look like for each language in the sheet 

Could translators please look at "ExampleLang" and confirm that you are 
ok with the way the information is presented. If so, I will replace the 
spreadsheets es,de, ja,it,el,ro,pl with these sheets.

Doc to review is here:

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