[Live-demo] Re: Goals and schedule for OSGeo-Live 4.5

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 9 05:12:03 PST 2010

> activityworkshop wrote:
> > > Would it be possible to provide a sporadic (every week /
> > > every two weeks?) build of the docs into a html tree?
> Hamish:
> > if folks want it I can set up a cron job on the OSGeo
> > adhoc-VM server to do nightly rebuilds of the docs.
> ok, I haven't enabled the cron job yet, but this is
> starting to take shape. some initial observations, not sure
> if it's the local setup or a bug: clicking on the Spanish
> version at the bottom of the main en/index.html fails looking
> for  .../en/es/index.html
> and the main Makefile should check if translated .rst
> exists before forcibly creating a symlink (es/description.rst
> is getting clobbered)
> sphinx there will be version 1.0.4.

cron job is enabled, nightly builds of the docs can be found



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