[Live-demo] Re: Goals and schedule for OSGeo-Live 4.5

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 9 13:53:27 PST 2010

activityworkshop wrote:
> > Very cool, great job!

thanks, luckily we have the adhoc server to play with.
> > Just a question about the images, it seems to have
> > ignored the image formatting options like:
> > :scale: 50 %
> > :align: right

right, I saw that but wasn't sure if the layout had changed in
the control files or not. guess not.

> > so such images which should be small and on the right
> > are huge and on the left. Those images are properly
> > sized/aligned in the docs on the DVD, and when I built the
> > docs using the OSGeo Live DVD, it didn't have that problem
> > either. Maybe it's a sphinx version thing, or maybe a
> > stylesheet thing?

Cameron wrote:
> I think this would be a sphinx version problem, which has
> been noticed before by people running debian,

the problem we (ie Jody and myself) saw before was older versions
of sphinx choking the "%" in "scale: 50 %". This is something

> (adhoc.osgeo.osuosl.org is running debian 5.0.4). I
> understand that debian has an older version of sphinx than
> on ubuntu 10.04 that we run on osgeo-live.

yes, but someone installed the latest sphinx 1.0.4 on the server,

On December 5 Hamish wrote:
> > sphinx there will be version 1.0.4. (who's been installing
> > custom stuff to /usr instead of /usr/local on the server?
> > grumble)

so it is running that not the 0.4.2 that comes with Lenny.
FWIW, sphinx 0.6.3 and 0.6.6 are available for Lenny from
the backports.org debian repositories. Ubuntu/Lucid shipped with
version 0.6.4.

I wonder if sphynx changed the syntax on us or if it's a bug in
the bleeding edge version? or...?

I'll look into a user-space parallel of sphinx 0.6.. mmmph



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