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Blas Benito blasbenito at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 02:31:04 PST 2010

Greets to all, noob on board!

I'm Blas Benito, ecoinformatics researcher in the "Centro Andaluz de Medio
Ambiente" (University of Granada, Spain). I usually work with GRASS, qgis,
and sometimes with PostGIS, but I'm familiarized too with SAGA,
gvSIG+sextante and other free GIS related software.

Free software gives me the chance to do a great job (I think...), and it's
time to contribute. Not being a programmer at all, translation from english
to spanish it's my best option.  In spite of the fact that my english is
really bad, I can translate it to spanish without major problems.

OSGeo-Live looks a nice project to start!



Dr. Blas Benito de Pando
Grupo de Ecología Terrestre.
Departamento de Ecología.
Centro Andaluz de Medio Ambiente, Universidad de Granada - Junta de
Avda. del Mediterráneo S/N. 18006. Granada. España
email: blasbenito at gmail.com
email: blasbp at ugr.es
Fax: +34 958137246
Tel: +34 958241000 (ext. 31202)
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