[Live-demo] Re: Goals and schedule for OSGeo-Live 4.5

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 10 04:53:57 PST 2010

activityworkshop wrote:
> >>> Just a question about the images, it seems to have
> >>> ignored the image formatting options like:
> >>> :scale: 50 %
> >>> :align: right
> > right, I saw that but wasn't sure if the layout had
> > changed in the control files or not. guess not.
> >>> so such images which should be small and on the right
> >>> are huge and on the left. Those images are properly
> >>> sized/aligned in the docs on the DVD, and when I built the
> >>> docs using the OSGeo Live DVD, it didn't have that problem
> >>> either. Maybe it's a sphinx version thing, or maybe a
> >>> stylesheet thing?
> > On December 5 Hamish wrote:
> >>> sphinx there will be version 1.0.4. (who's been installing
> >>> custom stuff to /usr instead of /usr/local on the server?
> >>> grumble)
> > so it is running that not the 0.4.2 that comes with Lenny.
> > I wonder if sphynx changed the syntax on us or if it's
> > a bug in the bleeding edge version? or...?

It's a bug in the bleeding edge version:

I applied the :align: patch by hand to the custom installed
sphinx 1.0.4 on adhoc now. Image :scale: is still broken though,
and as far as I can tell not yet fixed in Sphinx's Git repo.

also I notice that docutils 0.7 is custom installed on the
server and not using the official .deb from backports.org or
a self-built .deb. So there's no way to fix any of this without
grafting in patches by hand. All the wonderful maintenance
features of Debian become totally useless if people bypass them
and don't document what they've done.. please...

> > I'll look into a user-space parallel of sphinx 0.6.. mmmph

(on reflection it seems a more productive use of time to work on
fixing the bug upstream then patching)

> Backports should be enabled on that server(adhoc),

(it is)

> it shouldn't be a big issue to install from there. Though we
> might want to check if anyone else on adhoc is using sphinx
> before upgrading it.

it's easy to install from bpo.o, but not to unwind the custom
install. I assume people are using it, otherwise they wouldn't
have gone to the trouble of installing it. And I guess by
"upgrading" you mean dropping down from 1.0.4 to the packaged
0.6.6. At this point IMHO we might as well stick with 1.0.4, as
long as we can somehow come up with a fix the bug and apply a
patch. (I'm no python, docbook, or CSS expert; one is needed)


ps- unless there is objection I will reboot the adhoc VM tomorrow
at approx 0600 UTC to apply some needed system updates.


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