[Live-demo] Can we make a 3.0 LiveDVD release by March/April?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at lisasoft.com
Wed Jan 13 00:25:40 PST 2010

Live Demo builders,

I'd like to gauge the level of time that people have available toward 
building our next release of the LiveDVD, and whether we have enough 
people to push through a release before the March/April conferences.

According to our schedule at: 
we have a bit over 2 weeks before we call a feature freeze.
I have managed to build a release built upon Xubuntu 9.10, and there 
will be a lot less work to get things running that for our last release, 
but it will still be quite a bit of work.

Who will have some time to help with the building of this release? In 
particular, we'll need:
* Someone to create releases
* People to run QA over all applications in the releases and check build 
logs etc
* Go over the issues and close out or fix outstanding issues
* Optional: Coordinate improved documentation
* Optional: Clean up look and feel and improve usablity

If you think you will have some time you can put toward this, can you 
please respond mentioning what you might be able to help out with.

If we have a few people who will be available to help out, then I'll go 
to Project Leaders in a day or 2 and ask them to get their applications 
ready for the next LiveDVD release.

Cameron Shorter
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