[Live-demo] Re: [OSGeo-Edu] Update on curriculum effort

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 22:50:54 PST 2010

> What I would like is for someone to define the structure for the next level
> of documentation, which I assume would be tutorials which explain how to use
> these applications. If we make it easy for people to write docs (by defining
> the templates) and then add a strong incentive for writing them (the docs
> will be put on the LiveDVD and handed out at FOSS4G and used as teaching
> material in colleges) then the docs will be written. This is the principle
> we used very successfully for getting ~ 20 developers to contribute to the
> LiveDVD in a very short period of time.

Cameron the live dvd tutorial I ran at FOSS4G is available:
- it covers as many applications as I could get to work
- uses the same sample data in each case (showing how to make the same
map in uDig, gvSig, OpenJUMP, QuantumGIS etc...)
- uses the osgeo workbook template (open office)

The only odd man out is Grass - Hydrologis put together the sample and
did not use the same source data as the other applications.

PDF is available here:
- http://snapshots.dist.codehaus.org/udig/livedvd/

I have shared the original open office documents with you via dropbox;
you may wish to convert to html for the live dvd (or continue to use
PDF and the osgeo branding?)


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