[Live-demo] Re: logs for 3.0alpha2 release

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at lisasoft.com
Thu Jan 14 03:05:57 PST 2010

On 14/01/2010 2:31 PM, Hamish wrote:
> is it possible to start it with a clean slate? (or else go mucking in
> fixing up the half-installed obsolete packages)

I'm building 3.0alpha3 now. Should be ready in 12 to 24 hours.

Alex, it would be great if you could work on the builds again. Your fast 
turn around time on the version 2 releases were a great help. We may 
also have some luck with the click2try.

I'm going to be on holidays next week, leaving Saturday, and am not sure 
if I'll be getting to my email or not.
Hamish and Alex, I'm assuming you will continue to answer user questions 
about packaging and continue turning around the releases.
I'll be back with a vengeance the following week.

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